Tina Cavaco, CAPS

Tina Cavaco, CAPS® (Certified Apartment Property Supervisor as designated by NAA), is Executive Vice President of Operations for Centra Partners, LLC. She brings fresh and uniquely effective approaches to the property management industry. Her experience in both marketing and management of over 15,000 multi-family units and commercial sites located in five (5) states has set her apart as an industry specialist. As Centra Partners’ administrator in daily multi-family operations, Ms. Cavaco has helped to forge a high-impact, results-oriented management company.

With 30+ years of personnel, administrative/operational, and marketing experience, Ms. Cavaco is responsible for corporate and asset administration oversight and all portfolio operations. Her creative approaches to marketing have yielded successful results for her clients in all aspects of leasing, make-ready, and ultimately in reaching financial goals for multi-million dollar projects. Her negotiation skills, industry knowledge, nuts-and-bolts experience in operational matters has established her as a highly regarded professional in the property management industry.

Her contributions to Centra Partners include, but are not limited to: initial development of corporate representation in all media; development of effective marketing plans for commercial properties; creation of collateral materials; development and compilation of analytics for owners including structural and maintenance problems, reconciliation of accounts, staff evaluations, supervision of regional supervisors, new client development, due diligence coordination and analysis.

During Ms. Cavaco’s career, she has acquired an effective combination of management skills for handling both commercial and multi-family operations and is able to represent Centra Partners with their diverse client portfolio.

Ms. Cavaco holds the National Apartment Association designation of Certified Apartment Property Supervisor. She is an active member and course instructor for the Houston Apartment Association (HAA).

National Apartment Association (NAA)
     1989 Certified Apartment Property Supervisor (CAPS)
Texas Apartment Association (TAA)
     2000 Triple Crown Club.
     2016 Go Getter of the Year.
     2016 Shining Star Award.
Houston Apartment Association (HAA)
     1999-2000 Go Getter Committee Chair.
     1999 Go Getter of the Year.
     2013 Honorary Life Member Award.
     2017 Board of Directors.
     Committee Member: Fair Housing; Speakers &
     Education;Resident Relations;
     Community Relations.
     Course Instructor—Leasing 101 and CAM.
Multifamily Pro
National Brainstorming Facilitator and Speaker/Presenter for 25 years until 2015.

Trained in the IREM CPM® Candidate Program.

Centra Partners, LLC, AMO® is a Texas-based real estate property management company specializing in commercial, multi-family projects. The professionals at Centra Partners provide comprehensive real estate-related services including:

  • Property acquisition, sales, leasing and management.
  • Property evaluation, income analysis and expense projections.
  • Project Marketing
  • Due Diligence inspection, reporting and analysis.
  • Leasing evaluation and property shopping services.
  • Consulting/Corporate Services
  • Construction and construction management.

Within each service area, Centra Partners, LLC deploys specialists in critical areas such as:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Construction Management
  • Design Review
  • Documentation
  • Contract Administration
  • Finance
  • Leasing
  • Advertising/Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Facility Layout
  • Pricing
  • Site Selection
  • Tax Planning
  • Sales Management

The combined skills and experience of individuals at Centra Partners, LLC, AMO® contribute to the company’s unique ability to position properties and tailor programs to the specific needs of objectives of each client.