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Giving Back

Centra Partners has a strong history of partnering with local, regional, and national charities and companies to effect positive change. Centra Partners’ employees and residents of our multi-family managed properties work together hosting events yearly supporting several charities such as; Houston food bank & channel 13 share your holiday food drive. Grateful Americans, who provide resources that support programs aimed at ending Veteran homelessness and combating the invisible wounds of war. Camp Hope, a program providing interim safe space housing for the victims of trauma and post-traumatic stress in which to experience healing. Centra Partners also participates in the Susan G Komen fund raising walks to raise money to help support care given to those who have breast cancer.

inspirational quote written in chalk in a golden frameThere’s no sugar coating how challenging the last few years have been. There have been a lot of storms all of Centra’s onsite ‘Masked Heroes’ have had to endure. Centra’s Apartment Essential Worker - The Random Acts you have shown on the front lines have not only reflected compassion & kindness to your prospects, residents & fellow employees but they have shown you the same in return. Kindness is “exploring the good”.

Keep in mind, we all come from different backgrounds, have experienced very different things in our lives and look at life through various lenses. We don’t have to agree on everything, but it costs us nothing to be kind. Explore the good. You’ll feel better. I promise.

We want to create a culture of Kindness throughout Centra Partners. Let’s start by having an Amazing Onboarding Experience Your New Hires. A buddy to help them learn the ropes When new hires have questions, they will know they have a friendly face with a wealth of experience to turn to for assistance. Providing dedicated mentors builds close relationships between new and senior employees. It also gives more experienced team members the opportunity to enhance their skillset.

Centra Partners is successful because of YOUR hard work. The importance of workplace kindness enhances teams of managers, assistant managers, leasing consultants, maintenance, porters & housekeepers. Each individual makes all the difference to achieving positive results. What you might not realize, our kindness culture has tangible benefits which will leads to happier leaders ultimately with higher occupancy and successes.

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” Centra is building a workplace of kindness by simply sharing small gestures, repeated often that can be transformative. Giving a compliment, inviting your colleague for lunch, leaving a nice post it notes on their computer or offering congratulations are all little acts of kindness which cumulatively build a strong culture of compassion. Then there are the really exciting professional and personal events: marriage, a promotion, a new baby, achieving leasing goals, completing all the service requests, collecting all the rent are all reasons to celebrate! Surprise your employee or colleague with a thoughtful small gift such as a cupcake with a nice note, this will remind them why they love working where they do.

Higher employee engagement -If you know someone in your workplaces might be going through something personal show a small act of kindness. One small act of kindness can make someone’s day! Engage co-workers believe in what they do. They are people who are happy to show up on Monday, ready to tackle that exciting new project and to offer new ideas to the boss. YOU are our Everyday Apartment Heroes!


Centra Partners would love to share your experiences of any “Acts of Kindness”.
A co-worker performed an act of kindness to another resident or an employee.
A resident showed an act of kindness to other residents or to an employee.
A prospect showed an act of kindness to an employee or to a resident.
Please share the ACT OF KINDNESS and pictures and or video to: