Our Story


Centra Partners LLC owners, our professional support staff and on-site associates, are pleased to present this proposal for the management of your most important financial assets: your properties. Our local ownership’s founding focus is to react immediately to real estate market changes and solve ownership needs simultaneously. Our long history, rooted in the DFW Metroplex, allows us to fully understand and anticipate your objectives in an efficient manner.

We are a unique group of qualified and highly experienced real estate professionals whose foremost goal is to provide the best team of experienced and trained personnel that exists in Fort Worth. Our focus is on the strong financial management of your property, which is a critical key to ownership returns. Centra Partners’ professional management staff consistently reaches or outperforms owner’s financial goals in all ownership categories: commercial, multi-family, industrial and retail.

Centra Partners’ highest duty is to protect, enhance, and grow your financial asset’s value. We move quickly to improve services and tenant satisfaction; for example, we bring multi-level engineering capabilities to your properties to provide a high level of HVAC and preventative maintenance expertise providing economic savings over hired third-party contractors. Not only is our focus on cost savings for you as an owner, but on providing consistent, improved turnaround time. Centra Partners’ management teams promote “high-touch” responsiveness to our client’s and their tenants or residents.

Our long history of involvement in the local market, and knowledge of it, our relationships developed over many years with industry professionals and vendors servicing the real estate market’s substantial assets, has spurred Centra Partners’ growth and success. We are often unrivaled by even the larger national and regional firms. At the conclusion of our presentation, we provide letters that speak to Centra Partners’ corporate, local, and on-site staff personal-attention approach to property management. Again, our founding focus has only grown stronger throughout our history allowing us to effectively react to real estate market changes and immediately resolve issues that arise in ownership of your property.

We thank you, and are grateful, for the opportunity to discuss our highly-developed financial and service capabilities, and look forward to bringing these real estate services to bear to secure, protect, enhance and grow your real estate assets.

Respectfully submitted,
Centra Partners, LLC